Literary Agents – a helpful list

Hello and finally I have a second blog post! I’m just tearing up the internet, here. But I have big news! I have an agent (did I really just type those words?) – I am represented by the lovely Alice Speilburg of Speilburg Literary, and it’s a dream come true.

It was a long, hard slog to get an agent. In the spirit of helpfulness and not wanting all my work to go to waste, I’ve compiled a list of all the agencies I found who represent fantasy. There are more, I’m sure, but this is a start.

First of all, here are a few websites you need to check out.

Query Tracker (aka this is your life now):
Predators and Editors:
Helpful list of agencies:
Sci Fi & Fantasy Writers of America:

On to agents.  It goes: Name of agency – name of agent – website – method of submission – what they represent. Let’s get started!

All of the below agents accept email queries.

1    Nelson agency    Sara    query letter only
2    Liza Dawson Associates Literary Agency    CAITLIN BLASDELL    Query letter    Urban Fantasy
3    Waxman    Holly Root    query letter    Urban Fantasy
4    Nancy Yost Literary    Adrienne Rosado    query letter and sample, can be an attachment    Urban Fantasy
5    Aponte Literary    no specific agent    query letter and first 50 pages    Paranormal Fiction
6    Fine Print Literary Management    Rachel Coyne    query letter and synopsis and the FIRST two chapters via email    Urban Fantasy
7    Jennifer D. Chiara Literary Agency    Roseanne Wells    Query and first ten pages
8    The Knight Agency    Nephele Tempest    Query letter    Fantasy
9    Harvey Klinger, Inc.     Andrea Somberg    “
”    query letter, first five pages    Paranormal/ Fantasy
10    Curtis Brown, ltd    Ginger Clark    Query letter    Fantasy
11    Donald Maass Literary Agency    Cameron McClure    Query letter and first five pages    Urban Fantasy
12    Dunham Literary,17    Query letter    Fantasy
13    Defiore and Company    Rebecca Strauss    Query letter, bio(?), first five pages    Urban Fantasy
14    Jaberwocky    Lisa Rodgers    Query letter and 25 pages    Sci-Fi/Fantasy
15    Prospect Agency    Becca Stumpf    query letter, three chapters and a brief synopsis    Genre Fiction
16    New Leaf Literary    Joanna Volpe    query letter, five page sample    Speculative Fiction
17    Laurie McLean    Laurie McLean    query, 10 pgs, 1-2 pg snopsis    Fantasy
18    Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency    Shana Cohen    query letter, synopsis, and the first two pages    Sci-Fi/Fantasy
19    Inklings Literary Agency    Margaret Bail    query letter, synopsis, first ten pages    Fantasy
20    McIntosh & Otis    Shira Hoffman    Query letter, synopsis, author bio, first 30 pages
21    Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency    Victoria Marini    please send a query letter, synopsis, and sample (no more than 40 pages)    Women’s fiction (Fantasy)
22    Speilburg Literary    Alice Speilburg    query letter along with three sample chapters for fiction    Fantasy
23    Bradford Literary Agency    Laura Bradford    query letter, first chapter, synopsis    Urban Fantasy
24    Harold Ober Associates    Kathleen Zakhar    query letter, synopsis, first ten pages    Fantasy
25    Howard Morhaim Literary Agency Inc.    Kate McKean    Query and first three chapters    Urban Fantasy
26    Folio Literary Management    Jita Fumich    Query and first 5 pages    Fantasy
27    Talcott Notch Literary Services, LLC    Sara D’Emic    Query letter and first 10 pages    Fantasy
28    Lowenstein Associates    Emily Gref    query letter and first 10 pages    Fantasy
29    Victoria Sanders Literary Agency    Bernadette Baker-Baughmann    Query and first 25 pages    Fantasy
30    Red Sofa Literary    Jennie Goloboy    Query letter only    Fantasy
31    Veritas Literary Agency    Michael Carr    Query letter and first 5 pages    Fantasy
32    Helen Rees Agency    Rebecca Podos    Query and first few chapters    Urban Fantasy
33    Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency, Inc.    Laura Biagi    Form website    Fantasy
34    Wolf Literary Services    Adriann Ranta    query and 50 page writing sample    Fantasy
35    Francis Collin, Literary Ageny    Francis Collin    query and first 5 pages (not specified)    Fantasy
36    Richard Henshaw Group LLC    Susannah Taylor    250 word query    Fantasy
37    Triada US Literary Agency Inc.     Dr. Uwe Stender    query letter only    General
38    Lotus Lane Literary    Priya Doraswamy    query letter, brief synopsis, chapter breakdown(?), first three chapters    General
39    L. Perkins Agency    Sandy Lu    query and first five pages    Urban Fantasy
40    Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency    Meredith Bernstein    just query letter via website    Fantasy
41    Stringer Literary Agency    Marlene Stringer    Query letter – form website    Fantasy
42    Trident Media Group    John Silbersack    Query letter – form website    Fantasy
43    Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc.     Russel Galen    just query letter    Fantasy
44    Jill Grinberg Literary    Jill Grinberg    query and first 50 pages as a .doc (only)    Fantasty
45    Cooke Agency    Sally Harding    query and first four pages    Fantasy
46    Anne McDermid and Associates    Ms. Monica Pacheco    Query letter and first five pages    Fantasy
47    Fox Literary Agency    Diana Fox    query and first five pages    Fantasy
48    Stonesong Literary Agency    Emmanuelle Morgen    Query letter and first ten pages    Fantasy
49    Lotts Agency    Chris Lotts    query and first 5-10 pages    Urban Fantasy
50    Writer’s House    Jodi Reamer    Query letter and first ten pages    Fantasy
51    Paradigm Literary Agency    Jason Yarn    Query and 10 pages
52    Sanford J. Greenburger Associates    Matt Bialer    query and 3 chapters as attachment    Fantasy
53    Sternig and Byrne Literary Agency    Jack Byrne    Query letter only    Fantasy
54    Laura Dail Literary Agency    Tamar Rydzinski    Query letter, synopsis, 10 pages (latter 2 not required)    General
55    CK Webber Associates    Carlie Webber    Query letter, synopsis, 30 pages, can be as attached docs    Fantasy
56    McCarthy Agency    Shawna McCarthy    not sure?    Fantasy
57    Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency    Ethan Ellenberg    query, synopsis, first 50 pages    Fantasy
58    Janklow & Nesbit Associates    Alexandra Machinist    cover letter, a brief synopsis and the first ten pages.    Fantasy
59    Dystel & Goderich Literary Management    Jim McCarthy    query, summary, sample chapter    Fantasy
60    Dee Mura Literary    Kimiko Nakamura or Kaylee Davis    Query, synopsis, first 25 pages    Urban Fantasy
61    “Linn Prentis Literary ”    Aquisitions editor    query letter, synopsis, first ten pages    Fantasy
62    Corvisiero Agency     Marisa A. Corvisiero    query letter, synopsis and 5 pages as separate word docs    Fantasy
63    Spencerhill Associates, Ltd.    Jennifer Schober    Query letter, synopsis and first three chapters in an attachment    Fantasy (I think)
64    Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency    Thao Lee    query letter, a 1-page synopsis, a brief bio (including a description of your publishing history), and the first 10-15 pages of your manuscript.     Fantasy
65    Kimberly Cameron    Pooja Menon    Query letter, one page synopsis, first 50 pages    Fantasy
66    The Gernert Company    Seth Fishman or Andy Kifer    “query letter describing the work you’d like to
submit, along with some information about yourself and a sample chapter
if appropriate”    Sci-Fi/Fantasy
67    Irene Goodman Literary Agency    Miriam Kriss    query letter and the first ten pages, along with a synopsis (3-5 paragraphs) and bio    Urban Fantasy
68    Foundry Literary + Media    Hannah Brown Gordon    Query letter, synopsis, first three chapters    Fantasy

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