New bio, new life

SS Evans was formerly an Interview Producer at Al Jazeera English, and arranged interviews with everyone from top military advisors to journalists in Syria to citizens trapped by an active shooter. She spent two years in Ecuador for the Peace Corps, planting crops and co-founding the Peace Corps Ecuador magazine El Clima. She has a BA in Writing and Spanish from the University of Pittsburgh. Now she writes novels while raising her daughter outside of Washington, DC.

AKA: Hurricane Fat-Cheeked Baby blew in and nothing was ever the same again.

Oh Shit! Cthulhu!

I’ve decided that, until I figure out a proper title, the placeholder title for my new book is: “Oh Shit! Cthulhu!”

That sets a proper serious tone, I think. Almost as good as the working title for my husband’s space opera: “Space Cats: Cats in Space.”